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Sidi ST Gore Race Boot

Product Code [0469052*]




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Sidi motorcycle boots are considered around the world to be one of the best motorbike boot manufacturers.

Attention to detail and continual advancements in technology keep Sidi at the top of their game. Some of the best motorcycle racers in the world put their trust in Sidi. Feedback from these racers is sent back to Sidi's designers and ultimately, you benefit from these designs.

A new release for 2011 is the Sidi ST GORE motorcycle boots. The Sidi ST's stand on the shoulders of the Sidi Vertigo boots, with a few adjustments and a facelift. These are the new boots to be seen in this season.

The Sidi ST GORE boots boast the awesome Goretex fabric, which utilises groundbreaking technological advancements to make these boots breathable, whilst waterproof and windproof. Goretex is so good that clothing designers who wish to use the material have at apply and have their products tested for quality first.

Just another assurance that these boots are, quite frankly, top class.

With the same Lorica upper as the Vertigo boots, you can expect brilliant breathablity from the Sidi ST boots. Lorica is a composite micro-fibre material engineered from strands of material that are so fine, each one is less than one thousandth of the thickness of silk. This amazing material is then injected with specialist resins so that it actually acts like a leather skin, but with more strength.

Lorica is extremely resistant to abrasion, yet maintains breathability via 3 million pores per square cm.

Lined with air Teflon mesh.

Replaceable ST10 shin plate and strap / buckle if required.

Goretext membrane in built

Rigid ankle support braces to prevent unnatural side to side movement of the ankle joint in the event of an accident.

Elasticated stretch panel located close to the zipper to encourage a smooth, snug fastening of the zip.

Air ventilation system on the inside of the calf.

Replaceable toe slider.

Shock absorbing heel cup, with 3mm of adjustment. This small piece of technology provides massive absorbency at the back of the foot.

Nylon inner sole with removable arch support.

All parts for the Sidi ST motorcycle boots are replaceable.