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Putoline Action Cleaner 4 Ltrs

Product Code [HL386500]



Suitable for:

Any bike

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Putoline Action Cleaner Action Cleaner is recommended as the #1 choice by Grand Prix teams around the world. Action Cleaner is a special water-soluble degreaser developed for use on all modern foam type air filters. Action Cleaner's unique formulation ensures thorough cleaning of all foam air filters and, unlike petrol or other solvents, will not attack the glues used by manufacturers in the construction of the filter itself. Leading to prolonged life for filter and engine. Category: Foam Air Filter Cleaner Place of use: in well-ventilated area, preferably outside in open air! Wear protective gloves and safety goggles! Directions for use: Put the contents of this can in the special purpose designed Action Cleaner tub. Take the dirty filter and fully immerse it in the cleaner liquid. Let the airfilter fill itself like a sponge. Squeeze as much cleaner as possible out of the filter, but do not wring! If necessary, repeat the process. The dark colour of the filter has now faded. Check that all sand and dirt particles have been cleaned from the filter. The remaining Action Cleaner can be rinsed out with water. Leave the filter out to dry, (in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside in the open air), under a piece of cloth. When the filter is completely dry you can re-oil it again with Putoline Action Fluid. www.bitzforbikes.co.uk